Korean Style Duck Bao Kit

Korean Style Duck Bao Kit

Whats in the Box

  • 380g Duck Legs in a Korean BBQ Flavoured Sauce
  • 200g Bao Buns (8 pieces)
  • 40g Mayonnaise

Simply Add

  • Spring Onions
  • Cucumber

Makes 8

Cooking Instructions

  1. Microwave duck legs for 3.5 minutes.* Slice meat off the bone
  2. Slice spring onions and cucumber into thin pieces. Empty the mayonnaise into a small dish.
  3. Tear corner of bao bun packaging to allow steam to escape and microwave for 50 seconds.*
  4. Arrange all items on a platter and let everyone fill their own.
Korean Style Duck Bao Kit

Nutritional + Product Information