Luv-a-Duck – Available in your leading supermarkets and butchers including Coles, Woolworths, IGA, Aldi and Costco Cooking with Duck – Luv-a-Duck – It’s so easy...!

Hints & Tips for Cooking Duck

Want to know how to cook with duck? Simply follow our handy tips, techniques and how to’s for cooking the perfect duck.

How to Fact Sheets

Christmas Duck Accompaniments

Just a few ideas to make your celebration with duck even more special at Christmas.

Cooking Times for a Whole Duck

Use our cooking chart to help calculate the correct cooking time for the perfect roast duck.

Duck Fat - How to Render

Every time you cook duck you can render out the left over fat and save this for many delicious uses

Duck Fat - Ideas for Use

Whilst we all love duck fat roasted potatoes, there are so many more uses for this amazing product. Read on to find out more...

Duck Fat: The Facts

Food-lovers are quickly discovering the culinary benefits of cooking with duck fat.

Hints and Tips on Roasting Duck

By following these hints and tips from the experts (us!) you can be sure your duck will be cooked to perfection!

How to Roast a Whole Duck

For the perfect roast duck, follow our simple guide or watch our video – it’s so easy...!

How to: BBQ a Whole Duck

A hot roasted duck on the BBQ is another way to create delicious tender meat and crispy skin. And it's so easy!

How to: BBQ Duck Breasts

Deliciously crispy and perfect for warm weather.

How to: Cook Delicious Duck Breasts

Meaty, tender and easy to prepare at home – find out how.

How to: Cook the Perfect Succulent Hot Roasted Duck

A succulent crisp duck is easy to prepare and a sure favourite to serve for all occasions. And best of all, it's so easy.

How To: Make Delicious Duck Fat Roast Potatoes

Potatoes roasted in duck fat are widely recognised as the crispiest, tastiest and the best in the world. There is no real secret - just follow these simple steps.