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BBQ Whole Duck

To Prep
5 minutes (pre-heat BBQ)
To Cook
40 minutes per kg
How easy?
It’s so easy...
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1 Luv-a-Duck Fresh Duck
Salt and pepper

Equipment required

  • Barbecue
  • Chopping board
  • Chefs knife

Products used

Whole Duck

Whole Duck


  1. Light BBQ, close lid and heat to high. 
  2. Remove duck from the bag and cut off the neck and the wings at the 2nd joint.
  3. Remove any excess fat from the vent and pour out any liquid from the cavity.
  4. Thoroughly dry the skin of the duck with paper towel, if you have time leave the duck uncovered in the fridge overnight and this will help dry out the skin and produce a crispier skin.
  5. Place the duck on a rack in a roasting tin.
  6. This stops the duck sitting in fat whilst cooking. To save washing up, use a disposable foil tin.
  7. Season the duck with salt and pepper.
  8. Reduce the heat on the BBQ to low and place the duck inside, close the lid and cook for approx 40 mins per kilo, until golden brown and juices run clear when tested.
  9. Remove from BBQ and rest for 15 mins before removing the 2 legs and 2 breasts for serving.

Chef’s Tips

When roasting in the BBQ turn the burners off directly underneath the roasting duck and leave the burners either side of the tray on high. This is called indirect cooking and give a much more even cooking result.

You can fill the cavity with aromatics (herbs, spices, garlic, citrus) for a delicious infusion of flavour.

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Products used

Whole Duck

Whole Duck

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Rating: 5 / 5

I have done the duck this way for a few years and would not cook it any other way. Always turns out perfect and beautifully moist.

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