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Duck Fat Chocolate Mousse


150g dark cooking chocolate, chopped
100g Luv-a-Duck duck fat
300ml thick cream

To decorate:
1 punnet blueberries or raspberries
2 tablespoons flaked natural almonds, toasted

Equipment required

  • Frying pan
  • Electric beaters

Products used

Duck Fat

Duck Fat


1.  Combine chocolate and duck fat in a saucepan over low heat until chocolate and fat have melted and form a smooth, glossy mixture.  Cool slightly.

2.  Whip cream with electric beaters until thick and creamy.  Gently fold in chocolate mixture, a little a time, until chocolate and cream are combined and mixture is thick and luscious.

3.  Spoon into serving glasses and serve immediately.  Serve with fruit and nuts.

Chef’s Tips

No need to refrigerate mixture as it will cause the mousse to set rock hard.

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Products used

Duck Fat

Duck Fat

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