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Duck Tacos Recipe

Duck Tacos


● 2 packets of breast filets
● Salt and pepper
● 1 tablespoon olive oil
● 3 tbsp kunwake hot sauce or similar
● 1 lime juiced

● 1 bunch baby broccoli with stems, chopped finely
● ½ red onion, diced
● 1 lime
● ½ cup loosely packed cilantro rinsed thoroughly
● ⅓ cup mayonnaise

Additional ingredients:
1. Packet corn tortillas of choice
2. Chopped cherry tomatoes and cucumber
3. Sliced avocado
4. Lime wedges

Products used

Fresh Duck Breasts

Fresh Duck Breasts


1. Season the duck breasts with salt and pepper. Transfer to slow cooker, breast side down and cook on high for 1.5 hrs or on low for 3hrs, each cooker will differ in time be sure to check as you go.
2. Once cooked, remove from slow cooker and transfer breasts to the grill crisp up the skin, grill until crispy and skin is golden brown.
3. Remove duck and let cool for 30 minutes before shredding.

1. Pour the chopped broccoli to a medium sized bowl, followed by red onion, mayonnaise and lime, mix to combine. Season with salt and pepper.

● Chop desired garnishes and transfer to separate bowls.
● Heat tortillas in oven and then transfer to a plate.
● Spoon the shredded duck, broccoli slaw, garnish and lime onto each tortilla and enjoy!

Recipe by Renee Drochmann (@hungrybeargrazing)

Products used

Fresh Duck Breasts

Fresh Duck Breasts

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